• Mark the spot your say "I do"

    Band Together Mark the spot you say “I do” with a pair of Coordinates timeless wedding bands. Engrave a set of bands with the longitude and latitude of a special memory that embodies your current love, your past journey and the future you look forward to together. On the inside, write a unique me... View Post
  • Coordinates Collection - 21 DAYS OF CRAFTSMANSHIP

    Each Coordinates Collection piece is crafted by hand in Los Angeles and fully inspected before shipping.A 21-day craftsmanship process ensures that each piece is given the time and attention deserved before it is delivered to you. Day 1: Once a piece has been designed and customized and an or... View Post
  • You and me have a time to learn a large number of trends that portend to us winter, spring and summer 2016. But lots of us begin to worry about the next generation – about the fall-winter 2016-2017. I said that large amount of trends are moving from season to season: such as hoops and chains tha... View Post