The Style:

Since 1964 the CHIMENTO family has been associated with unique and exclusive creations using gold as the undisputed protagonist. Showcasing a unique mix of creativity, craftsmanship and attention to detail, CHIMENTO’s creations have become synonym with top quality 18k gold Italian Jewelry.All CHIMENTO collections are a perfect blend of tradition and design, setting the new classic benchmarks of Italian jewelry with their elegant, refined and contemporary style.

The History:

Chimento is the story of an all-Italian family, gifted with initiative and will power, which first started in 1964 in Grisignano di Zocco, a province of Vicenza and the seat of Italy's goldsmith tradition.

The Company was founded on the intuition and imagination of Adriano Chimento, the Company's founder and President.The tradition of quality and Italian design remains a top priority for the CHIMENTO family and the second generation who is actively involved in the company. This journey of quality continues to give us masterpieces of design in both fashion and classic collections. CHIMENTO exports its style and Brand image worldwide with the objective of always acquiring new retail partners in new markets.

The Portfolio:

CHIMENTO is renowned for jewelry with a strong character that stands out for its quality of production and workmanship incorporating artisan skills, new technological solutions, superior finishes and fine materials such as gold, diamonds and precious gemstones. Jewelry created by master goldsmiths with harmonious shapes and volumes in mind, distinctive clear-cut lines and the highest attention to detail.CHIMENTO’s creations, from the most classic and traditional ones to the most coveted and innovative, are all recognized for their strong Italian style.