While the big day was all about Kim Kardshian, the bride certainly didn't forget about her wedding party. In a new blog post, Kim reveals the extravagant and glamorous gifts she gave!


"As a gift from me to all of my bridesmaids, I had custom Judith Leiber bags made with each bridesmaid’s initials on them!" she writes. "I also got bags for my mom and Debra! Judith also custom made me a handbag replica of my wedding cake! It’s one of a kind!"

The bags are especially meaningful to Kim, because as a kid she always wanted one of her very own.

"I remember when I was a little girl I would dress up in my mom’s clothes and my favorite thing to do was touch her Judith Leiber crystal bag!" she added. "She said I was never allowed to pick it up!! Ha!"

It is also a gift she would like to pass along to another family member, she says, "I can’t wait for the day my daughter looks at my Judith Leiber bags and I can share my memories with her."