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When it comes to weighing in on the look of spring 2015, attention to detail is all important. In fact the most game-changing decisions you’re likely to make in your wardrobe will boil down to shopping just the right accessory.
Chokers are this seasons top trend! Whether it is jeweled and chunky, diamond and dainty this is the time to invest in this hot commodity! 
Keep an eye out for;

Vintage-inspired designs. There were so many baguette cuts this year in so many lines! Do you remember seeing them? Not to mention the Art Deco influences still going strong. And now that the stigma of buying gold off the street is long gone, jewelers have healthy inventories of estate pieces for sale as well as nice stocks of loose stones from said purchases. In 2015, the old will surely continue to inspire the new—and new purchases. The beauty of the past is alive and well in present-day jewelry.

Whimsical color combinations. There were plenty of patterns and crazy color combinations—remember Chanel’s rainbows?—on runways for springand pre-fall 2015, so accessories should nod to those aesthetics in the form of mosaics of color, playful trios of hues, more rainbows, or single pops of color to highlight one in a pattern.

Statement necklaces. Just as varied earring styles reigned supreme in 2014, necklaces will take that must-have spot in 2015. Jewelers will want bibs, chokers, and long and short pendant and station numbers on hand to adorn fashion’s veritable buffet of necklines, some pieces that will be ideal for layering and gifting, while others will simply make a strong outfit statement!

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