The Max Cure Foundation is a childhood cancer foundation whose mission is fund research, support families in need, and advocate for change to create better outcomes for children with cancer. 

Please join us in supporting the Max Cure Foundation by contributing $50 per ticket. With your generous donation comes and opportunity to own a Rolex Timepiece. 

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Winner will be announced Thursday, November 19th at our Third Annual Anniversary Party. Thank you for joining us in this fight against cancer. 


More Details on The Max Cure Foundation: 
In June 2007, following 4 year-old Max Plotkin’s diagnosis of cancer, the Plotkin family formed the Max Cure Fund at Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center (MSK) to underwrite an Immune Cell Therapy Laboratory that would treat children and young adults that did not respond to standard chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
n December 2008, the Plotkin family formed the Max Cure Foundation, Inc. a 501(c) (3) non-profit (MCF). It is registered in all states requiring such registrations (currently 39 states plus the District of Columbia). Co-founders are David and Annemarie Plotkin, Max’s parents, and Richard Plotkin, Max’s grandfather. The mission of The Max Cure Foundation, Inc., is to fund research for pediatric cancer drugs, including funding to discover less toxic treatments for children with cancer, and as to its research mission, to fund an Immune Cell Therapy Lab at MSK, to financially assist low income and military families battling cancer in their children, and through advocacy, to pursue legislative and regulatory changes that seek to benefit children with cancer and at the same time, raise awareness to the needs of those fighting pediatric cancers. As part of the family assistance program, MCF has also established a separate fund (called the “Angels Fund”) to cover funeral related expenses of children whose families are included in the program. MCF is also actively involved in advocating for children with cancer and their families, including being an active participant in the Congressional Caucus On Pediatric Cancer.
To date, over $1.2 million has been donated to research (the Fund at MSK has received $872,000, $285,000 of which was received by the Fund prior to the formation of MCF). In addition, MCF has contributed $150,000 to a scientist at Emory University in Atlanta seeking to find a cure for Ewing sarcoma (a rare form of cancer striking children and young adults) as part of two $100,000 collaborative grants with The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF). It has also donated to a researcher at Duke University Medical Center seeking to find a cure for what is currently an incurable brain cancer afflicting children (DIPG). Other donations have likewise been made in the area of research.