"He came, in time, to embrace the flower as the embodiment of all the contradictions reveling within him." - Patti Smith 


Designer Note - 

"My fall collection was inspired by the work of New York artist Robert Mapplethorpe. Visiting two exhibitions showcasing his work in Paris last year and focusing on his book Flowers- a retrospective of Robert's favorite motif, featuring a farewell poem by Patti Smith titled 'A Final Flower' - led the studio to examine the inimitable rose.

After studying the anatomy of the rose and selecting the bud, petal, sepal, leaf, cane, thorn, and stem; the studio abstracted those organic forms, reconsidering and resembling them into new Eddie Borgo shapes. The rare assortment includes twisted headbands and frond crowns, necklaces, bracelets and rings with softly curved metal fringe and thorn-like prickles, along with an array of stem-like earrings featuring engineered rotating hinges and climbing metal arms. Each silhouette incorporates and element of movement, with masterfully crafted coiled metalwork covered with hand cut pave crystals." - Eddie Borgo