Y You Ask?

It’s Fri-yay! I’ve been seeing that phrase a lot lately, and I like it. It’s truly efficient, combining two words that often come as a package deal: Friday and yay! (shouted emphatically, of course). Speaking of the addition of a y, the presence of a Y-shape in necklaces has been quite the hit recently. Lavalier or lariat-like in nature, these are typically V-neck styles with a trail (hence the Y) of chain or gemstones that hangs down the center. Similar or actually very much the same as summer’s bikini necklace (thanks, clever seasonal marketing!), these styles are more popular than ever, even as we pile on more clothing. They look just as good accenting swimwear as they do draped around a turtleneck, because a) jewelry looks good no matter what you’re wearing, and b) this is such a versatile and timeless style that it can take on any personality and seasonal trend like a boss. This roundup includes some particularly gift-worthy choices, given a range of price points, some rather aspirational in nature (but so worth it). Here’s to the start of a very happy holi-yay season!

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