Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Jewelry Trends

#1: Chokers Round the Neck

We had fallen in love with choker designs years ago when we wore them to look almost gothic, often black beading placed low against the neck. Choker chains in gold also appeared in a slightly looser fashion at A Detacher, adding a touch of futuristic sophistication to outfits. Paige Novik carries a delicate gold choker that compliments any outfit.

#2: Drop Earrings

Plated earrings in general are in, but when they come in dropped looks we pay extra attention for that draws the eyes to the side of the face, the shape of the ears and the gentle curve of the neck. . Lana Jewlery, Paige Novik, and Carolina Bucci specialize in these gold dropped earrings which can be worn for all occasions.

#3: Bauble Bracelets

Bracelets in general have been in for the whole year, coming in multiple types for the spring season and translating well into the fall and later winter looks. The bauble bracelets seen at Victoria Beckham were earth toned in color, with one especially appearing to be grapes turned into pearls set against a green background that is reminiscent of a leaf. Thick bracelets made it onto the Proenza Schouler collection and looked rather terrifying with their heavy looks, despite the touch of femininity. Eddie Borgo and Paige Novik have beautiful statement bauble bracelets that stand out due to their unique and edgy style.

#4: Single Earrings

Single statement earrings appeared all over the place on the runway shows throughout the different runway shows that took place around the world, in 4 of the biggest metropolitans for fashion. They came in all shapes and sizes, but what captured the most attention was the use of statement earrings that were large and attention-grabbing, often in abstract but always with special decorum. Paige Novik specializes in single earrings especially ear cuffs which make a statement, and stand out.

#5: Multiple Rings On One Hand Or A Single Statement Ring

One of the biggest accessory trends for 2014 and 2015 has been wearing multiple rings on a single hand, often with double rings stuck to one another. Ivanka Trump's line carries stackable diamond rings which are both dainty and delicate. Lana Jewlery carries statement  initial rings which will catch anyone's attention.

#6: Buckles and Cuffs on the Wrists

Bright and fluid golden thread cuffs appeared on the Chloe line-up, looking positively incredible and swaying to the rhythm of the girls’ walk down the runway, the fringes hanging low and bringing back the ‘70s full force. Fendi kept playing with the idea of adding fur everywhere, which included the alligator skin cuffs that combined fabric and metal to form beautiful jewelry.Paige Novik carries alligator print chain cuff and Alexis Bittar carries a stunning gold cuff with a large gem stone which makes a statement. Roberto Coin carries a simple yet stunning gold cuff which can dress up any outfit.