Simple Style: Start With Lana

About Lana Jewelry

"Lauded by her loyal fans as the ""Queen of Hoops,"" Lana Bramlette is the face and force behind Lana Jewelry. Carried only in fine retailers worldwide. Her impeccable eye for casually luxurious style has made her a pioneer in the world of fine jewelry. The collections are timeless yet sexy, and fans around the world crave the Lana Look, a term that has come to stand for the world's most delicate and modern jewelry. Lana's minimalist and cool approach to design has resulted in dozens of pieces that have instantly become classics, like her famous Upside Down Hoops; more than 75,000 pairs have been sold since their debut nine years ago."

7 Steps to be Stylish

Everyone wants to be stylish, and people are always trying to look stylish when they go out but what book says that being stylish has to be a one time thing? You can imbed 'stylish' into you lifestyle, and always manage to look stylish effortlessly. Here's how:

  1. Update your wardrobe - By update, we don't mean throw everything out and splurge on getting new clothes - no. Just try to wear clothes that fit you well and stick to timeless fashions, rather than trying too hard to go with the latest fashions.
  2. Get a few timeless items that look rich - Spending a little extra is not a bad idea if you do it well. For example, if you buy a simple yet brand name black sweater, it could go with many outfits, making them all look expensive, pair that with a pair of Lana gold hoops and your set! 
  3. Never overdo any outfit - Nothing takes away the stylish factor like trying too hard. Remember the golden rule, simplicity is the best policy.
  4. Focus on your hair - For everyday styles, braids and loose waves look great, but even for formal occasions, don't let too much effort show. Try a bun, they are classy and stylish.
  5. Makeup is essential not a lifesaver - Don't use makeup like you need to - use it like you want to. Keep it neutral, simple, let your naturalness show through.
  6. Choose a look that you are comfortable with and stick to it - If people regularly see you in a type of look, it will look like you always look good without trying.
  7. Confidence = Style - There is nothing wrong with being confident about looking good, let it show.