Eye For a Diamond Girl

Diamond Trends 2016

After the insanity of the holiday season, the New Year seems like a breath of fresh air. From fitness to fashion, everyone takes the New Year as an opportunity for new beginnings and change. In the jewelry world, a new year means new and exciting trends for 2016.

What about diamonds? Diamonds and gemstones experience trends just like jewelry. While diamond trends do not tend to change drastically from year to year like they do in fashion, there are definitely noticeable changes in the diamond market that happen each year. 2016 is going to be a year of newly popular diamond cuts, the end of old trends, and a much healthier market in general. Read on for my predictions for 2016’s diamond trends.

Cushion Cut Diamond Popularity

As the princess cut diamond decreases in popularity, the cushion cut diamond has been hovering close to overtaking it as the second most popular diamond shape. Also, in terms of current trends, it does not look like the craze over vintage styles will be going away any time soon. This is great news for cushion cut diamonds, as they look stunning surrounded by antique diamond halos and Art Deco ring settings.

Diamond Upgrades


I think there will be an uptick in the amount of people that opt for diamond upgrades in 2016. As the economy recovers from the recent recession and Baby Boomers keep retiring, many people will have a little extra money to invest in their personal life. This will be especially true if 2015 ends with Wall Street at an all-time high.

I predict that a great number of people ages 50-65 will be either upgrading their engagement and wedding rings, or opting for higher quality loose diamonds. This means that getting a thorough diamond education will be extremely important to this demographic, as they look for larger, better quality stones.

Vintage Diamond Cuts

Vintage diamond cuts are on the rise recently, due to a market shift towards antique style and celebrity exposure. A vintage cut engagement ring will stand out against the sea of popular round cuts, great for those with an offbeat or unique personal style. French cuts, rose cuts, and antique cushion and Asscher cut diamonds will all be having a bump in demand.

Recently, Jennifer Anniston has been sporting a rose cut yellow diamond engagement ring, causing a lot of buzz around vintage diamond cuts. Another vintage diamond shape that will be on the rise in 2016 is the emerald cut diamond. Immensely popular in the time of Old Hollywood, emerald cut diamonds are making a comeback on the fingers of Beyoncé and Angelina Jolie.

Fancy colored diamonds

What will be the fancy colored diamond trends in 2016? Yellow diamonds will by far be the most sought-after fancy color, because so many celebrities have been wearing them recently. I also predict that green and blue diamonds will have a boost in demand, because these shades go well with vintage ring styles. On the other hand, pink diamonds are a current fad that will start dying down in 2016.

Leaving the spotlight

A few diamond cuts and colors will be on the decline in the coming year. As I mentioned earlier, princess cut diamonds have been slowly decreasing in popularity. This will definitely continue in 2016. In addition to princess cuts, it looks like heart shaped diamonds are just about done with their fifteen minutes of fame. It seems like everyone loved the idea of having a heart shaped engagement ring, but didn’t realize that a heart shaped diamond cut will not produce the same sparkle as other diamond shapes.

In general, 2016 is going to be an excellent year for loose diamonds. Based on recent auction prices, we can safely say that high-value diamonds will only increase in value at auction. Throwback diamond cuts will be all the rage, new fancy diamond colors will be on the rise, and the princess cuts and heart shapes of the 80s are on their way out.