Accessorize for Spring/Summer 2016!

Spring/ Summer Jewelry Trends

#1: Chokers Are All the Rage

Those fashionistas carefully keeping up with the latest fashion shows have definitely noticed the chokers kicking it into high gear, occurring show after show from New York and London to Paris and Milan, thereby outlining one of the biggest spring/ summer 2016 jewelry trends. These elegant and lovely pieces appearing in abruptly different styles with embellishments or without exactly know the ropes at how to flatter any simple or minimalistic outfit, thus becoming high-voltage weapons in the hands of many a designer.

#2: Matchy-Matchy Out of Fashion

Not so matchy-matchy earrings are fairly to be called one of the most innovative spring/ summer 2016 jewelry trends. Commonly like it is with shoes, we consider a pair of earrings to be exactly the same, but nothing of the kind is happening at the SS 2016 runway shows. Some pairs differ from each other in tiny details, while others sing abruptly different tunes.

#3: One Earring Missing

We come across another daring and audacious spring/ summer 2016 jewelry trend under the guise of single earrings. Just pretend to have forgotten to wear the second pair of your earrings and here you will willy-nilly become this crazy trend’s truthful follower. Many designers have open-heartedly embraced this trend at the latest runway shows among them being Alexander McQueen with its elongated shoulder-grazing bejeweled earrings and Ashley Williams exposing massive stoned single earring. Emilio Pucci goes all futuristic with its metallic single earring; Gucci is within pearlescent antiquity and Roberto Cavalli overburdens its models with massive heavy single earrings.

#4: Body Jewelry Is In!

The Asian-style luxurious body jewelry pieces usually having the X shape are covering the whole breast, at times even reaching the hips as well thus making the next unique and idiosyncratic spring/ summer 2016 accessory trend we want to embrace. Alexander McQueen’s body jewelry commands attention by its versatility. Rigid silver chained body jewelry pieces so much going with androgynous outfits are contradicted to daintier and more feminine pieces that are worn over lace gowns with sensual cutouts.

#5: Massive Intricate Jewelry

Whenever it comes to heavy massive jewelry designs, we are saturated with some apocalyptic vibes and the same happened when the recent fashion weeks made a start giving rise to the next charming accessory trend for 2016. Chanel’s overall futuristic atmosphere could not but include those massive pieces. A few metallic chokers pulled together are entirely covering the neck, while a couple of waterfall imitating breastplate necklaces are bringing about a harmonious mishmash of metallic chains with pearls.