If we, collectively, had to choose a fashion fetish of the moment, it would without a doubt be Alexis Bittar. We’re not saying the gorgeous inventory we just received is to blame, but it pretty much screams “put me on.


If you aren’t familiar with Alexis Bittar, the designer is known for creating hand-carved and hand-painted Lucite accessories.  Although he occasionally branches out to other materials, Lucite pretty much defines the unique art of  Alexis Bittar jewelry. These stunning pieces have been selling in major retail stores since the late 1990’s with a steady increase in popularity over recent years and we can definitely see why. Not to mention, he collaborates regularly with well-known design houses and artists such as Jason Wu, Phillip Lim, and Michael Kors.

One of the main reasons we love Alexis Bittar’s jewelry designs is the luminescence of the Lucite as well as the combinations of materials such as silver and crystal. The marriage of a seemingly modern material with metals and stones is both imaginative and captivating, and the way that he distresses Lucite and infuses patterns into it is gorgeously inventive. Did we mention that he uses a lot of Swarovski crystals? Some of us here have dabbled in accessory design and have worked with different types of crystals in the past. Swarovski crystals seem to have a certain shine and depth that other crystals simply can’t match.

Also, there is so much variety in Alexis Bittar’s jewelry that we feel as if it never gets old. We swoon over his vintage-inspired nature themes, as well as his ever-evolving new collections. We appreciate his use of mature women, such as Iris Apfel, in his visually stunning advertising campaigns. We enjoy seeing the ways that these women express themselves through style, and the portrait formats of his advertisements pique our interest. With all of the great things Alexis Bittar is currently doing, we’re confident our fetish will not end anytime soon.

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