Fall Trends: Dancing Stones

Fall is in full bloom…or should I say “in full color” with the leaves finally changing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – autumn is my favorite season!

And one of my favorite activities for fall fun is to dance around in the fallen leaves. There is just something about the crunching sound of leaves that is music to my ears! With all the dancing in the leaves, it only makes sense that this year’s fall trends include dancing stones.


What’s the Pointe?


Well, the pointe is, you’ll be pretty in pink with this dancing stone look. This rose gold necklace and diamond ring pair is dancing away with my heart! So, no matter if you’re taking a stroll in the beautiful fall weather or if you’re dancing the night away, this look will complete any outfit.

 A Round of Applause

A round of applause is exactly what this gorgeous round Bella Luce dancing stone look deserves. The double looped necklace adds extra flare to a classic piece and the earrings are the perfect way to add a little sparkle to any outfit!  My favorite part of this look is the dancing stone ring. My excitement was spinning out of control when I saw the hidden heart design along the outside of the base (you definitely have to see it for yourself!).

 Fairytale Fashion

When I saw these necklaces, they immediately reminded me of a fairytale story. The crown necklace is the perfect accessory for any princess. This double loop necklace happened to resemble a perfect pumpkin carriage, and every princess needs a magical coach to sweep her away to the ball. The last necklace reminded me of a certain shoe-losing princess’ choker. The best thing about these looks is that they won’t disappear at midnight. So, take a pick and discover your fairytale moment!