You and me have a time to learn a large number of trends that portend to us winter, spring and summer 2016. But lots of us begin to worry about the next generation – about the fall-winter 2016-2017. I said that large amount of trends are moving from season to season: such as hoops and chains that have been relevant in the winter, you can safely put on in spring. But which of the jewelry trends of 2016 will take over 2017? Let’s get a look:

New York street fashion, which accompanied fashion week dedicated to the fall-winter 2016-2017 season – is our best guide. Therefore, we will base on it.

1. Hoop earrings. In 2016, the most popular model of earrings – are  earrings, that have large circular shape, and have decorations for every taste. 2017 takes over this trend, but simplifies it by making it versatile – suitable for both street style and for the office. Ethnic motives are traced for such models – the idea of this style is borrowed from the jewelry of different tribes and ancient nations.

But 2017 will also inherit long hanging earrings “chandeliers” decorated with shimmering stones  – it will be a perfect complement to the luxurious evening dress as well as for the event.

Earrings-drops also will never go out of fashion and they are suitable for a business style as well.

2. Bracelets. I have previously written a post dedicated to this important accessory. You can read it to be more enlightenment in what we will discuss furthe

Women’s fashion bracelets in 2017 will be made mainly from silver metal (that repeats the theme of 2016). But to the basic materials will be also added leather.Particularly relevant will be bracelets, stylized as ancient national jewelry: Indian, Turkish, Greek. This trend is closely intertwined with  winter fashion bracelets, that are made under Egyptian and Indian jewelry. During 2016-2017  fashion will also include bracelets with crystals, chains and  thinned-threads with beads. Particular popularity will as well receive handmade bracelets. More about handmade braceletsyou can find here:

3. In my post about rings, I mentioned the Versace collection, dedicated to the colored letters. Now this trend  gradually turned into a version with a pendant. A couple ofcolored letters or numbers on a thin gold chain – one of the flashy trends for 2017.

As for rings actual will be gold boho rings with stones and crystals. The main focus is on massive and unusual geometric shape – just like in 2016. You can also find the original sets of rings calculated for 4 or 5 fingers, but now it shouldn’t be a set of thin elegant rings, but some large models, some of such sets could even simulate mitts.

4. For lots of fashionistas and designers sunglasses have  already become a kind of jewelry a long time ago. And this is not surprising –  just look at the colored flowers, which have studded  Dolce & Gabbana eyewear, silver-plated Cushnie et Ochs and decorated with rhinestones Gucci. 2017 adopts an unusual futuristic shape of 2016, but now sunglasses should shine with chic in the literal sense of it.

5. In winter 2016 chokers were especially popular, but spring and summer haven’t really accepted this trend. Perhaps because this jewelry makes image a little heavier, but spring fashion is waiting for lightness and ease!

6. Popular cervical adornments for 2017 will be different necklaces made from  metal and wood, bulky short beads and bright jewelry with multi-colored crystals.

8. Victorian jewelry. Feminine images with inserts of lace, frills, ruffles, ribbons and sophisticated collars. As well as the fringe and fur are the height of fashion for 2017.

It is difficult to name the most popular  color of 2017. However, some conclusions can already be done. Leading designers unanimously decided to please their admirers with defying colors chosen from a palette of all the most striking. So, the most fashionable colors are: aquamarine, coral shades, yellow, red color (shade of ripe strawberries), tender blue, white, tender green and black&white.