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 Save the Dates: 

Now that you’ve set the date for your Big Day, it’s time to let your wedding guests know.

After all, what would a wedding be like without family and friends? Whoever said, ‘less stressful’ in answer to that question, please leave the room!


ORA DAMORE JEWELERS WEDDING INVITATIONS SAVE THE DATESSave the Date cards or notes are just the ticket to get the word out quickly before the official wedding invitations are sent. They’re a little less formal and essentially give a heads-up to your guests to let them know they’re invited and when the wedding is taking place, so they can pencil it into their diaries well in advance.







Not every bride-to-be holds a bridal shower. If you like the idea, embrace the occasion as an excellent excuse for a get-together. Attended by family and friends, a bridal shower is a chance for well-wishers to give thoughtful presents to the bride as a token of their support for the marriage.

Invitations to bridal showers are usually fun and informal. As such are a perfect opportunity to get creative with your invitation design. A custom-printed personalized invitation is always a popular choice. Pre-printed fill-in invitations are also commonplace.

Your wedding stationery doesn’t stop when you order your invitations. Day-of accessories help tie the event together, also carrying the theme of your invitation through to the actual event. Allow us to help you choose the most popular items brides order for their wedding ceremony and reception.





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